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Network of Brilliance

Network of Brilliance

No concept ever springs from the mind of a human being in a vacuum… over the years and today we are asking questions and listening to the answers and thoughts of many people – all of whom deserve part of the credit for making this concept a reality and a success. Watch the network of brilliance grow!

To all those listed below, thank you for your ideas, your guidance, and especially your good humor!

  • Dr. Kenneth Swanberg, International Agribusiness Specialist
  • Jon Clements, aka ‘Mr Honeycrisp’, UMass Cold Spring Orchard
  • Gagik Sardaryan, Director, Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD), Armenia
  • George Chirakadze, President & CEO UGT, Georgia
  • David Kirvalidze, former Minister of Agriculture, Georgia
  • Jim Holderbaum, International Development Specialist
  • Roy Southworth, International Ag Economist, World Bank
  • Joe Dougherty, Partner, Dalberg – Global Development Advisors
  • Terri Kristalsky, Senior Vice President | Europe and Eurasia, Chemonics International Inc.
  • Thierry van Bastelaer, PhD, Principal Associate, Abt Associates
  • Sam House, MCC, CPCC, Executive Coach
  • Gevorg Adamyan, Managing Director, Agribusiness, ACDI/VOCA
  • Paul Guenette, Senior Vice President, ACDI/VOCA
  • John Glover, Director, PwC, LLP
  • Alan Sax, Rural Organizer, Apple Historian (and cider aficionado)
  • Bob Wilson, USAID Mission Director
  • Dan Zook, Project Manager at Dalberg Global Development Advisors
  • Rusty Schultz, Team Leader, Rural Economic Development Programme, Georgia
  • Rick Tamlyn, Thought Leader, Author – Play Your Bigger Game, Keynote Speaker
  • Matthew Weber, Enabling Environment Advisor, Aghanistan, Chemonics,
  • Alison De Marree, Cornell University Cooperative Extension Educator, Production Economics
  • Irakli Kordzakhia, Partner, Kordzakhia, Jgenti Law Firm, Georgia
  • Ara Ghazaryan, Lawyer, ARNI Consult, Armenia
  • Zviad Bobokashvili, Project Manager, Center for Fruit Tree Propagation and  Associate Professor of Horticulture at Agricultural University, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Sevak Manukyan, Program Director at the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD), Armenia
  • Greg Snyders, Project Manager at Dalberg Global Development Advisors
  • Vinay Bachireddy, Founder, 34 Pine Capital